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“Rediscover Your Voice” Digital Book


You will have to reel that movie camera back to move forward. By the end of this book, you will be encouraged to release all that had been trapped inside and be free to rediscover your voice. Rediscover your voice is about breaking free from the inside out. Breaking free from limitations, confinements, and shackles why did I write Rediscover your voice? Because so many people feel that they have no voice or have lost their voice during circumstances, I want them to be free and see that they have a voice that needs to be heard from the biggest to the smallest. Not all of us are Martin Luther King Jr. However, you can make a difference just where you are, in our families, homes, jobs, and communities. Your voice can leave an impact wherever you go, so start creating your own path rhythm by releasing your voice.

This book is to make you stop and think, where did it all begin? When did I lose my voice or did, I ever have one?
Now “GO”! You will learn how to overcome by releasing, relating, and reshaping You.

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“Rediscover Your Voice” is about overcoming your fears by releasing your voice. In the chapters, you will unpeel the layers of how you lost your voice through the challenges of life.



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