About Coach Kim

Kim Angela Lee a native New Yorker, a mother of two, and grandmother of six.  Coach Kim has completed and coordinated numerous financial classes and workshops. She has been trusted as financial advisor to some.


About 12 years ago, I sat in a classroom perhaps like you and started learning about personal finances and discovering financial freedom. It became my passion to coach and empower people struggling with managing their finances to heal financially by getting to the root of the matter. 
From my own financial journey and helping coach other clients on theirs, I now understand that I was born to help others discover this financial freedom also. 

Kim Angela Lee a native New Yorker. Mother of two, grandmother of six.  
Through the years, she has coordinated numerous financial classes and workshops. Kim has trained through Ramsey Financial Coach Master Training .She has been a guest on SHIFT TV. Kim is the founder of Nickels & Dimes Solutions L.L.C. and loves to empower people with wisdom and knowledge. 
Kim is the author of “Restart- A journey to becoming debt-free” and “Rediscover Your Voice” both can find her books on Amazon. 

Kim Angela Lee -CEO

Kim Angela Lee

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