This Masterclass will also teach you 4 key things to quickly identify, assess, and course correct your bad money management and habits to get you aligned for the financial success God has ordained for you to obtain.
1. Getting to the emotional roots & ideologies of why you don’t have a spending plan

2. How do you identify healthy spending habits that establish you for financial success?

3. Tips on creating a budget that is simple and works for your lifestyle

4. Mapping out your God aligned financial goals and more

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Creating a budget to better steward your finances and achieve prosperous financial success does not have to be hard or complicated.  It helps you to identify your money gaps, simplify your financial goals while assessing your unhealthy spending habits.  Most of our irresponsible spending comes from unhealthy emotional roots, generational dysfunctions and ideologies that have spilled over into how we utilize and manage our money. And before you know it your money habits and limiting beliefs flare up and begin spiraling out of control leading to debt and lack.

This is not God’s financial plan for His children and this Masterclass will teach you a better way!


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