Preview: What’s Behind The Excuses-Financially Speaking -Chapter 1


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In the opening pages of my book, I delve into the many excuses people make about money when they’re faced with the idea of making and sticking to a good financial plan.

Drawing from my experiences with clients, a recurring theme becomes visible; a resistance to committing to decisive financial practices, such as budgeting.

As I navigate through the stories of my clients and dissect the various excuses they present for avoiding a simplistic financial plan, a thought-provoking question surfaces: Why do people selectively pick and choose certain aspects of financial planning while neglecting others? Remarkably, my findings suggest that the root cause extends beyond the mere surface of monetary concerns.

While the surface-level reasons may manifest as financial constraints, a closer examination reveals that, in most cases, it’s not truly about the money. Instead, underlying issues come to the forefront, weaving a complex tapestry of emotions, beliefs, past experiences, and psychological factors that shape individuals’ attitudes and behaviors towards their finances.

In the pages that follow, I unravel the layers of these underlying issues, offering readers a profound exploration into the psychological landscape of financial decision-making. By shining a light on the deeper aspects influencing individuals’ choices, my aim is to provide not only an understanding of the complexities surrounding financial excuses but also practical strategies to address and overcome these challenges.

 Join me on this enlightening journey as we uncover the hidden forces that shape our financial behaviors and discover a path towards building a more secure and fulfilling financial future.


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